Sitti Saleha, Nurdin Saidi, Saiful ., Murniana ., Saida Rasnovi, Teuku M. Iqbalsyah


Proximate analysis of Dioscorea hispida tubers, collected from five locations around Leuser ecosystem in Aceh Province, showed variations amongst samples. Standard AOAC method for proximate analysis of the fresh weight showed that the water content varied between 15.8 - 37.8%, crude protein 1.13 -6.20%, crude lipid 1.99 - 9.36% and ash 0.29 - 1.24%. The total carbohydrate was high, i.e. between 58.3 -71.9%. The main mineral was phosphorus, with a value of 11.7 - 46.9 mg/100g. These variations could be due to soil, climate and weather factors, as well as postharvest handling. Phytochemical tests showed that all of the samples contained alkaloids and terpenoids. One of the samples (LP) also contained phenol and steroid. The high cyanide content in the tubers (379 - 739 ppm) was easily removed by repeated washing. The cyanide level dropped significantly after the 3rd wash. Information on nutritional content in D. hispida is essential for planning its utilization. Increasing the economic value of D. hispida is expected to attract people around the Leuser ecosystem to cultivate and utilize it, thereby reducing illegal forest encroachment.

Keywords: Dioscorea hispida, proximate, Leuser, janeng, gadung, starch


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