Fitrilia Silvianti, Dwi Siswanta, Nurul Hidayat Aprilita, Agung Abadi Kiswandono


A study on the adsorption characteristic of Iron onto Poly[eugenol-co-(divinyl benzene)] (EDVB) from aqueous solution has been conducted. EDVB was produced and characterized by using FTIR spectroscopy. The adsorption was studied by a batch method by considering the factors affecting the adsorption such as initial metal ion concentration, adsorption selectivity, and mechanism of adsorption using a sequential desorption method. The adsorption of Iron onto EDVB followed a pseudo-2 order kinetics model with the rate constant of 0,144 L2 mmol-1 min-1. The adsorption isotherm was studied with Tempkin, Langmuir and Freundlich models. The adsorption capacity (Qmax) obtained by Langmuir isotherms was 250mg.L-1 while the equilibrium value was 0.8 Lmg-1. A competitive adsorption study showed that EDVB is adsorbed selectively towards Iron rather than Chromium, Coppers and Cadmium ions. The interaction type of Iron onto EDVB was determined by a sequential desorption.

Keywords: Polyeugenol; divinyl benzene (DVB); adsorption; Iron; Fe


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