Hak Konsumen dalam Penyiaran Televisi

Wardah Wardah


The development of business in television services have been fastly growing in the recent years. On one hand, it gives more attractive an programs for viewers, brings variative means to promote products for bussiness people, and also generates incomes for the TV station owners from adverstisemens.On the other hand, it also brings negative impacts on spectators. It is needed the knowledge for the viewers to choose the good programs to watch. The Government of Indonesia has legalized the Law No. 32/2002 on Broadcasting in order to protect and guarantee the consumer’s rights.


The Consumer’s Rights on TV Broadcasting


right; consumer; broadcasting; television

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Peraturan Perundang-undangan

Undang-Undang Dasar Tahun 1945.

Undang-Undang Nomor 8 tahun 1999 tentang perlindungan Konsumen.

Undang-undang Nomor 32 Tahun 2002 tentang Penyiaran.


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