Pengaruh Sudu Pengarah Aliran pada Turbin Aliran Aksial Head Rendah

- Azhari, Ahmad Syuhada, - Hamdani


The aim of this thesis is to analysis the effect of using of guide vane in order to increase turbine rotation and power. This thesis is consisting of two stages. First stage is testing the turbine without guide vane and second stage is testing the turbine with guide vane. Testing was did at Gampong Juli Keude Dua, Kecamatan Juli Kabupaten Bireuen.The test did on three kind discharge, 0,14 m3/s, 0,12 m3/s, and 0,10 m3/s by using three kind of guide vanes diameter, 25 cm, 27 cm, and 29 cm. Based on experemental result, the best efficency is 80,9 %, given from the 29 cm guide vane diameter and turbine rotation on 610 rpm with discharge  0,14 m3/s.


axial turbine; guide vane; low head; discharge

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