Algoritma Interpolasi Nearest-Neighbor untuk Pendeteksian Sampul Pulsa Oscilometri Menggunakan Mikrokontroler Berbiaya Rendah

Firdaus Firdaus


Non-invasive blood pressure measurement devices are widely available in the marketplace. Most of these devices use the oscillometric principle that store and analyze oscillometric waveforms during cuff deflation to obtain mean arterial pressure, systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. Those pressure values are determined from the oscillometric waveform envelope. Several methods to detect the envelope of oscillometric pulses utilize a complex algorithm that requires a large capacity memory and certainly difficult to process by a low memory capacity embedded system. A simple nearest-neighbor interpolation method is applied for oscillometric pulse envelope detection in non-invasive blood pressure measurement using microcontroller such ATmega328. The experiment yields 59 seconds average time to process the computation with 3.6% average percent error in blood pressure measurement.



Blood Pressure, Nearest-Neighbor; Oscillomety; Envelope; Microcontroller

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