Perancangan Kendali Robot pada Smartphone Menggunakan Sensor Accelerometer Berbasis Metode Fuzzy Logic

Mohamad Agung Prawira Negara, Dodi Setio Laksono


Telecommunications and robotics technology is being developed to assist and facilitate the work of a human. In the field of telecommunications particularly smartphone has reached the planting of operating systems like android until planting sensors such as an accelerometer, gyro, proximity, etc. We would like to take advantage of the accelerometer sensor on a smartphone as robot control. We will compare the use of Sugeno Fuzzy Logic and Mamdani Fuzzy Logic to determine the best control method. The basic components of the robot are the Bluetooth module HC-05 as a medium of communication with the android, arduino as the control system and actuators such as DC motors drive the rear wheels to adjust the speed of the robot, and servo motor drives the front wheels to adjust the degree of turn robot. In robot’s movement test, 4 of 8 trials or approximately 50% stated better Sugeno Fuzzy Logic than Mamdani Fuzzy Logic in terms of linearity. In robot's controller response test, for Sugeno Fuzzy Logic method the average delay is 0.41 seconds, and for Mamdani Fuzzy Logic method the average delay is 10.80 seconds.


Accelerometer; Android; Fuzzy Logic; Robot

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