Desain Sistem Pendeteksi untuk Citra Base Sub-assembly dengan Algoritma Backpropagation

Kasdianto Kasdianto, Siti Aisyah


Object identification technique using machine vision has been implemented in industrial of electronic manufacturers for years. This technique is commonly used for reject detection (for disqualified product based on existing standard) or defect detection. This research aims to build a reject detector of sub-assembly condition which is differed by two conditions that are missing screw and wrong position screw using neural network backpropagation. The image taken using camera will be converted into grayscale before it is processed in backpropagation methods to generate a weight value. The experiment result shows that the network architecture with two layers has the most excellent accuracy level. Using learning rate of 0.5, target error 0.015%, and the number of node 1 of 100 and node 2 of 50, the successive rate for sub-assembly detection in right condition reached 99.02% while no error occurs in detecting the wrong condition of Sub-assembly (missing screw and wrong position screw).


image processing; machine vision; artificial neural network; backpropagation

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