Penggunaan Accelerometer MMA7361 sebagai Alternatif Pengukuran Lendutan pada Jembatan Secara Nirkabel Berbasis ATmega32

Mohd Syaryadhi, Purwandy Hasibuan, Suhardi Suhardi


A bridge is planned and built with a certain capability against vehicles through it. The vehicles movement causes vibration and vertical deflection on certain parts of the bridge. If the vibration occurs continuously in a great value, then the bridge will be damaged sooner than had been planned. This research reports a design of a vertical deflection measuring system prototype on bridge, employing an accelerometer MMA7361 sensor which is controlled
by ATmega32. The system was tested by manually loading the trial bridge with 1 m of length. The loading deflects down the bridge to maximum 15 cm from the reference point. Sensor readout data was sent wirelessly using ZigBee real time to computer in a graphical display for easy analysis. The research give an alternative method in vertical deflection measuring on the bridge that can be utilized by stakeholder in policy decision.


Vertical deflection, bridge, accelerometer, and wireless

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