Pendeteksian Harmonisa Arus Berbasis Feed Forward Neural Network Secara Real Time

Endro Wahjono, Dimas Okky Anggriawan, Achmad Luki Satriawan, Aji Akbar Firdaus, Eka Prasetyono, Indhana Sudiharto, Anang Tjahjono, Anang Budikarso


The development of power electronics converters has been widespread in the industrial, commercial, and home applications. The device is considered to produce harmonics in non-linear loads. Harmonics cause a decrease in power quality in the electric power system. To prevent a decrease in power quality caused by harmonics in the power system, the detection of harmonics has an important role. Therefore, this paper proposed feed forward neural network (FFNN) for harmonic detection. The design of harmonic detection device is designed with a feed forward neural network method that it has two stages of information processing, namely the training stage and the testing stage. FFNN has input harmonics and THDi as output. To detect harmonics, frst training is conducted to recognize waveform patterns and calculate the fast fourier transform (FFT) process offline. Prototype using the AMC1100DUB current sensor, microcontroller and display. To validate the proposed algorithm, compared by standard measurement tool and FFT. The results show the proposed algorithm has good performance with the average percentage error compared by standard measurement tool and FFT of 5.33 %.


Feed Forward neural network; Monitoring; FFT; Harmonisa; Realtime

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