Metode Algoritma Genetika dengan Sistem Fuzzy Logic untuk Penentuan Parameter Pengendali PID

Bhakti Yudho Suprapto, . Sariman


Proportional-Integral-Derivative ( PID) represents the popular controller which is frequently used in
industry and instrumentation equipments. Although in simple design procedure, tuning of PID parameters ( K
, K
) to get the optimal value is not easy and simple. Genetic Algorithm method with the Fuzzy Logic system is used to
get the PID parameters with optimal performance result. Genetic Algorithm is a method that used to solve a problem of
optimization based on selection and genetic evolution, while system of fuzzy logic is used to determine the genetic
parameter like crossover probability and mutation. In this research, Genetic Algorithm with the Fuzzy Logic system is
forming model of direct-current motor to get the parameters of PID controller based on value of mean square error (
MSE). This Examination yielded the stable response system with the value MSE gyrate 0.0027 until 0.0028 and steady
state error gyrate 0.004 until 0.001.

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