Grounded Theory sebagai Metode Riset “Realitas Tertambah” di Museum Fatahillah

Leonardo Widya


Augmented Reality (AR) is part of the science of visual communication design/graphic design through the
addition of images on the real world with virtual information to enhance one’s senses with the help of “smart glasses”
with three general characteristics: 1). The combination of real environment with virtual objects, 2). Interactive
display, 3). Display in 3D. Qualitative research methods and grounded theory approach in the real environment
in the area of Jakarta Fatahillah museum, discovered a new theory as a basis the idea that Visual Prototyping
Augmented Reality technique with image manipulation-image nuanced Kota Tua as Jakarta Icon. The idea of
exploiting foreign tourists enriching way to learn more about Indonesia through social networking in a virtual world
strategies to increase tourism.

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