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Abstrak. Untuk mengurangi rasa sakit, banyak digunakan obat analgetik narkotik dan nonnarkotik. Obat golongan narkotik salah satunya tramadol. Narkotik adalah bahan atau zat yang punya efek mirip morfin yang menimbulkan efek narkotik. Secara farmakodinamik, tramadol bekerja secara senergis yaitu agonis opinoit yang lemah dan penghambat pengambilan kembali neuro transmiter monoamin. Secara farmakokinetik, onset tramadol 15-45 menit setelah pemberian oral. Biovailabilitas oral 68-90%.

Abstrack. For purpuse for reducing pain, commonly useing of analgetic narcotic and non narcotic. Tramadol is a put is narcotic. Narcotic is material or moeity that has efect like morfin that can doing narcotic efects. As lik farmakodinamic, tramadol working sinergic as weak agonis opioid and prevent re uptake monoamine neurotransmitter. Though farmakokinetic, onset of tramadol 15-45 second after given orally. Oral bioavailibility about 68-90%. 


Analgetik; narkotik; farmakodinamik; agonis; farmakokinetik; bioavalabilitas; analgetic; narcotic; farmakodinamic; agonist; farmakokinetic; bioavailibility

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