Nerdy Nerdy, Kesaktian Manurung


This study aimed to examine the mucolytic activity of roselle calyces extract on cow intestinal mucus in vitro. The extraction of roselle
calyces was performed by the subsequence maceration method using different polarity solvent (n-hexane, ethyl acetate, and methanol). Mucolytic
activity of each extract was evaluated by measuring the viscosity of mixture of cow intestinal mucus and phosphate buffer pH 7 compared to
acetylcysteine as the standard mucolytic drug. The result showed that the decreasing of cow intestinal mucus and phosphate buffer pH 7 mixtures
viscosity was indicated the increasing of mucolytic activity. The n-hexane, ethyl acetate, and methanol extract of roselle calyces exhibit dosedependent
mucolytic activity. Mucolytic activity of roselle calyces ethyl acetate extract with dose of 0.8% and roselle calyces methanol extract
with dose of 0.6% showed no significant difference to mucolytic activity from acetylcysteine with dose of 0.1% (positive control). An increased
dose of roselle calyces extract will decrease the viscosity of cow intestinal mucus and phosphate buffer pH 7 mixtures, indicating an increase in
mucolytic activity.


cow intestinal; mucolytic; roselle calyces; mucus; viscosity

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