Muhiddin Palennari


This research aims to find out the potency of the integration strategy of PBL with cooperative learning of Jigsaw in mmproving the students understanding of concept. This research belongs to quasi-experimental with pretest-posttest nonequivalent control group design factorial 2x2. The research variables consist of independents variable A & B, the former is the integration strategy of PBL + Jigsaw and conventional learning strategy and the latest is low and high academic ability. While the dependent variable is understanding of concept. The research population is the new students of four study programs: Biology, Biology Education, Chemistry, and Chemistry Education in the faculty of Math and Science UNM in academic years 2011/2012. Two classes were selected as the research samples, Chemistry Education (N=36) as the experimental class, and Biology class (N=30) as a control class (using conventional strategy). On those two classes, the students with high and low academic ability are selected based on the result of grouping test. The instrument used is essay test on Fundamental Biology course. The research data were collected by giving test before and after treatment then analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Anacova is used to test the hypothesis of differences. The research result shows that (1) the strategy of learning has an influence on the concept understanding of the students so that the integration strategy of PBL+Jigsaw has more potency to improve concept understanding of the students rather than conventional one, (2) There is no differences of understanding of concepts on high and low academic ability, (3) there is no influence of interaction between the learning strategy with academic ability toward concept understanding.


Integration of PBL with Jigsaw; academic ability; concept understanding

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