The Effect of Type Biochar and Agrodyke Fertilizer Concentration on the Growth of Seedling of Mahoni (Swietenia macrophylla King.)

Helmi Helmi


The study has been done to determine the effect of various types of biochar  and consentration of agrodyke fertilizer on the growth of mahoni  seedlings.The  study used  block randomized factorial design which were types of biochar (B) as the first factor, namely: soil + imperata cylindrica charcoal (B1), soil + coconut husk charcoal  (B2), Soil + charcoal of sawdust (B3), and  agrodyke fertilizer concentration as the second factor (A), namely: 0 g polybag-1 (A0), 25 g polybag-1 (A1), 50 g polybag-1 (A2), 75 g polybag-1 (A3) as other factors. Each treatment was replicated three times. The results showed that all types of  biochar  have increased in plant height and number of leaves mahoni seedlings significantly at 40, 60, and 80 days after weaning (DAW). Various concentration of Agrodyke fertilizer have affected  considerably on plant height and number of leaves at 40 and 60  days after weaning (DAW) and root length  at 80 days after weaning (DAW). However, there were no significant effects of types of biochar and various concentration of agrodyke fertilizer on  all parameters. Biochar Soil+Charcoal Sawdust (B3) and 75 g of agrodyke fertilizer polibag-1 (A3)  have produced the best growth rate of mahoni seedlings


types of biochar; fertilizers agrodyke; Mahoni seedlings growth


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