The Effect of Sintering Time on Surface Morfology of Pb-Doped Bi-2223 Oxides Superconductors Prepared by the Solid State Reaction Methods at 840 oC

Evi Yufita, Nurmalita .


This study was investigating the effect of sintering time (30 h, 32 h, and 34 h) on surface morphology of Pbdoped
Bi-2223 oxides of superconductors prepared by the solid-state reaction method at 840 oC. The
superconductor was characterized by X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).
In the present study, phase purity, volume fraction, surface morphology, texturing, crystallinity, grain
connectivity and grain size of the bulk samples are found and compared with each other. The enhancement
in the sintering time is confirmed that it will decrease Bi-2223 phase fraction and increase the impurity of
the samples. SEM images shows that the sample has the best crystallinity, grain connectivity and largest
grain size. Based on the present results, it is conclude that the surface morphological is improving with the
increasing of the sintering time.

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