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The burden of asthma affects the patients, families, society in terms of lost work, lessened quality of life,
hospitalizations, and death. Continuing adult asthma morbidity is evident in the increasing number of
outpatient and emergency visits to asthma. Many factors described as possible causes for the increased
morbidity and mortality includes poor patient understanding of the disease process in appropriate
medication use, non adherence with prescribe preventive medication, and poor inhaler technique. Because
of the asthma impact of rising severity, morbidity and mortality for human being, self-management is an
important things developed for asthma patients to improve self-care and maintain healthy life. Many of
people are associated with self-management, particularly patients, caregivers, health care providers, and
policy providers to make a planning partnership in caring asthma patients. The self-management that involve
four components namely assessing and monitoring asthma severity and asthma control, education for
partnerships in care, control of environment factors and comorbid condition, and medications. The design of
study was descriptive explorative for three patients in Songkla Nagarind Hospital, Hatyai, Thailand. The aim
of study was to describe the phenomenon of self-management in patients with asthma by using four
questionnaires that consisted of ASQ, ACQ, ACECC, and MARS. Data collection divided into two parts was
pretest and posttest, except for asthma severity only for pretest because its focused to identify level of asthma
severity. The study was analyzed by using descriptive statistic with mean (X) and standard deviation (SD).
The result of the study showed that asthma severity for mild, moderate, and severe levels for patients 1, 2 and
3. Moreover, asthma control was moderate level, control of environment factor and comorbid conditions was
moderate level, and medication adherence was moderate level as well. These components could be improve
in asthma care and significantly reduce asthma trigger and statistically can be viewed as effective cost ways
to maintain quality of life in asthma patients.

Keyword: self-management, asthma bronchial, patients’ admitted, hospital

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