Effect of Biochar and Liquid Organic Fertilizer on Soil Chemical Properties at Dragon Fruit Plant Land

Zaitun Zaitun, T. Hidayat, Manfarizah Manfarizah, A. Halim


Abstract. The objective of experiment was to use biochar and liquid organic fertilizer Bio-P 2000 Z application to improve soil chemical properties on dragon fruit land. The research was conducted at University Farm Ie Seum Research Station, Aceh Besar district, Aceh Province, Indonesia. The experimental arranged in a randomized complate block design with two factor and three replications.  First factor was biochar application (B0 = without biochar; B1 = biochar 5 ton ha-1; B2 = biochar 10  ton ha-1).  Second factor was liquid organic fertilizer (P0 = without liquid organic fertilizer Bio-P; P1 = 1 L liquid organic fertilizer Bio-P  2000 Z in 10 L water; P2 = 2 L liquid organic fertilizer Bio-P  2000 Z in 10 L water).  Liquid organic fertilizer Bio P 2000 Z that used after fermentation 48 hours. The result showed that : (1) application of biochar and liquid organic fertilizer can improve soil chemical properties; and (2) biochar 10 ton ha-1 and liquid organic fertilizer 1 L in 10 L water is the best treatment to improve soil chemical properties.

Keywords: biochar, liquid organic fertilizer, soil chemical properties, dragon fruit.

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