Prima Nucifera, Muhammad Taufik Hidayat


This research was conducted upon the ability of people living in Aceh, especially in the city of Langsa, to maintain and preserve local culture and wisdom in the modern era, when mass media massively infuses and affect the society. Local wisdom, as it protects people of bad impact from social media, may be developed as a literacy model for literacy education and literacy of media. This research aimed to analyze Acehnese local wisdom existing within people living in Langsa and to describe media literacy based on local wisdom. A qualitative approach was applied by means of ethnographic research. The data were collected using observation through relating documents. The data were analyzed through several stages: describing Acehnese local wisdom existing within media, classifying data, analyzing data, and describing media literacy model based on local wisdom. The result indicated that people living in Langsa was not able to actively utilized the local wisdom upon media. It occurred because they were just passive users of social media; there was also a lack of support from the government in educating people to be smart users. Then, the media literacy model utilizing local wisdom encompassed the ability to access, to analyze, to evaluate, and to produce the message.


Local wisdom; media literacy; Acehnese people

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