Mardiah Mawar Kembaren, Arie Azhari Nasution, Muhamad Husnan Lubis


This paper examines traditions in the form of Malay Myth in North Sumatra. In Malay society, especially for the coastal Malay society, the terms of mythology has the value of local wisdom or local genius. The importance of myths in people’s lives, in literature, and the inheritance of oral traditions is the urgency of this paper. This study used sociocultural and ethnographic approaches with application to field research with several stages ranging from collecting data from both literature studies and field interactions, interviews, discussions, analysis, and socialization. The result shows that the coastal Malay society still keep the oral tradition of myths for generations. It was found that there are several kinds of myths in the coastal society in North Sumatera. They are called pantang larang (abstinence myth), marriage myth, children’s myth, and ghost myth. All of the myths are usually used for education, religiosity and also to keep the good behavior of coastal Malay society from curse and bad destiny so they should obey the myths.


Myth; Malay society; local wisdom; literature; North Sumatera

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