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The literary community is part of literary arena that deals with authorship activities and the production of literary works. This study uses the theory of genetic structuralism which was raised by Pierre Felix Bourdieu. In his theory, Bourdieu departed from the concept of habitus and arena in determining the space of the author’s position and analysis of his works in literary arena. The results of this study indicate that the position of Komunitas Seni Intro in Payakumbuh, is in an autonomous and dominant position occupying the principle of autonomous hierarchy in the arena of power, so it tends to be opposite or against the laws that apply in the arena of power. Furthermore, the structure of the Komunitas Seni Intro as a limited production arena includes the positions occupied by the agents as writers and prospective caregivers of writers, while the exchange of symbolic capital between established agents and newly joined agents occurs through mutual recognition. The work produced by the author has a tendency to locality, especially Minangkabau. This is based on the position of the author and the space in which the work is located.


Literary arena; community; literary production

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