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Marriage is the beginning of the formation of a new family. Both the bride and bridegroom should prepare everything needed in order to have a happy family. Many families fail as they are less prepared. As far as the traditional marriage in Bali is concerned, there is a tradition which requires a special room in which advices are given to the bride and bridegroom. The advices are adopted from the Old Javanese literary work and oral literary work. The problem discussed in this study is what ancient Javanese literary work and what oral literary work are usually referred to when giving advices to the bride and bridegroom? This study uses the qualitative method involving recording, recording, and interviewing techniques. The theory used is the discourse theory. The results of the study show that the Old Javanese literary work from which the advices given to the bride and bridegroom are adopted includes kakawin (the Old Javanese poetry) and parwa (a chapter of the Mahabharata), and that the oral literary work from which the advices given to the bride and bridegroom are adopted contains a philosophy of life. Therefore, it can be stated that literary work is functional in the Balinese traditional marriage.


Marriage; wimba literary work; advice; happiness

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