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Through this article, the researchers attempted recalling the Bawuk’s life choice novel “Bawuk” by Umar Kayam. The big point of the analysis is done by narrating the relations in it with the basis of genetic structuralism. According to the researcher, “Bawuk” is a work that was born as a part of an episode of the history of the nation related to events which until now still create controversy, namely the G-30 S/PKI Rebellion. This is a qualitative research by using Genetic Structuralism Lucien Goldman Framework. Meanwhile, the method and data collection are carried out into two stages (Faruk, 2017, p. 168). In the first stage, researcher uses the referral method, which is to listen to the significant linguistic units that exist in the text of literature. In the second stage, researchers used the dialectical method but this method is directly manuscript that is related to the birth of the “Bawuk” novel. The results of the study show three things, related to the structure of literary work, worldview, and social structure. Based on all three, a relation can be obtained regarding novel “Bawuk” which describes a conflict in the character of Bawuk as an expression of the author of a worldview. Umar Kayam gave another side related to the G-30 S/PKI rebellion. In this work also reflected the existence of social structures in an environment where domination between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat is also very thick. Bawuk’s life choice, at that time, is the dialectic between Umar Kayam and the politic situation.


Genetic Structuralism; worldview; Bawuk

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