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Anuar Alias et al.


The ideas introduced by Einstein General Relativity theory toward the
development of wormhole research field are reviewed namely, the
concept of spacetime, Riemarxrian geometry, cosmological constant
and the pioneering work of Einstein and Rosen on the subject.
Spherically symmetric spacetime metric that provides the wormhole
spacetime metric by the revival works of Morris and Thorne are
discussed. Concerning recent works on the subject a generalized
wormhole solution with cosmological constant introduced by the works
of Lemos, Lobo and Oliveira are also discussed. Finally, the rotating
wormhole solution as introduced by Khatsynovsky and Teo has
provided a more generalized solution compared with the Morris-Thorne
stafic solution. Based on these ideas, we proposed the spacetime metric
of a slowly rotating spherically s)rynmetric wormhole where we
constructed set ofEinstein equalions in term ofpressure and the energy
density of the wormhole.

Keywords; General Relatfuity; Cosmological constant; Einstein-Rosen
Bridge; Wormhole

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