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Mohd Sulhi bin Azman


Technology is one of the current advances utilized in the learning and
teaching of Mathematics. Recently, technology plays a vital role in
various fields and aspects - particularly in mathematics. Technology is
an advance paradigm of human civilization since it is one of the new
inventions required in the modem world. We view that technology is a
catalyst for critical thinking, a vehicle for integralion and a tool for
expediancy. In recent years, mathematics educator employed
technology and use it as part of teaching aids. The pedagogical notion
of "pencil-paper" method has now been replaced by advance
technological tool such as graphics calculator (GC). This suggests that
technolory enhance students' performance in Mathematics. This paper
examines the role and use of technology in enhancing students'
performance in Mathematics. Various examples including computer
algebra system (CAS) and graphic calculator (GC) are discussed in
order to support the idea of integration of technology in mathematics.
In this paper, we will also identify the benefit of these current advances
(i.e. technology) from many perspectives. Inter-dependent and
collaborative leaming are achieved by integrating conceptual
mathematics with technology.

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