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Rita Desfitri


Rigid motion is a transformation consisting of some rotations and
translations operation which leave a given shape or arrangement
unchanged. In other words, a rigid motion of a shape is a way of moving
the shape without bending tearing or distorting it, so that it looks the
same. Reflectiorl on the other hand, is the operation ofexchanging all
points of a mathematical object with their mirror images (i.e., reflections
in a minor).
This paper is aimed to discuss the set of rigid motion and reflection of
some shapes, together with the operation of compositions which form a
group, called the group of s;rmmetries, of the shape. The operation of
compositions is commonly written in usual order, (for example, if r
means rotation, and ft reflects about horizontal axis-ft, then the operation
ur o h" means we do rigid motion Ir first, followed by r). This paper also
shows that the rigid motion can be wrifien as permutation, but not all
permutations are rigid motion.

Keywords: rigid motion.

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