The Effect of propolis to blood glucose and total cholesterol of prediabetes patients

Andi N. Usman, Andi Z. Abdullah, Buraerah A. Hakim, Nurhasni Hasan, Andi Ariyandi


Prediabetes is considered as the initial phase of macrovaskular disease associated with increase of blood glucose and cholesterol level. The effect of propolis to treat fasting blood glucose, glucose tolerance, total cholesterol was examined. Experimental Research with Randomized Clinical Trial (RCT) design was utilized in the study. Intervention given was propolis at dose 50 mg/kg bwt and health education administered for 20 days. The quality of propolis was 20%extract and quercetin content 25.29 mg/L tested by Biofarmaka Laboratory Test of Hasanuddin University, health education used counseling strategy. The
samples were 64 prediabetic patients consist of 32 patients treated with propolis and 32 treated with health education. The result of Wilcoxon with significant level of 0.05 has proved significantly decreased fasting blood glucose, glucose tolerance and total cholesterol respectively 14.28 (p=0.000), 23.16 (p=0.000) and 16.3 (p=0.000) The result of group given propolis as significant as health education group respectively fasting blood glucose 14.9 (p=0.001), glucose tolerance 13.98 (p=0.000) and total cholesterol 9.76 (p=0.021). Giving propolis and health education are effective for the change of fasting blood glucose,
glucose tolerance and total cholesterol. Propolis is potential to use as a pharmacology therapy for prediabetes.

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