Is lavish more? Case Study: Aceh Special Autonomy Fund (OTSUS)

. Weri, Putri Bintusy Syathi, Cut Zakia Rizki, Muhammad Ilhamsyah Siregar, . Fitriyani


The Special Autonomy Fund (OTSUS) is the biggest source of revenue in Aceh Government Budget since 2008. The Central Government has transferred this fund for 11 years from 20 years planned. OTSUS is the implementation of the enactment of Law Number 11 of 2006 concerning the Government of Aceh. This study aims to analyze the dependency rate of
the Aceh Government Budget to OTSUS fund. The analytical method used is descriptive statistics by using tabulation and visualization such as tables, diagrams, graphs, and other descriptive measurements to provide important information regarding the subject matter. The results show that the Aceh Government Budget is highly depending on the fund from Central Government

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