Financial Performance of Mining Companies Based on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Disclosure

Rahmawaty Rahmawaty, Lavina Sabila, Muhammad Saleh, Evi Mutia


The research is conducted to analyze the financial performance based on the disclosure of environmental, social and corporate governance. The samples of this research are mining companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange in four-year observation periods from 2014 to 2017. The financial performance of this research is proxied by Return on Asset (ROA) and Earning per Share (EPS). While, the disclosure level are measured by GRI Standard and GRI G4. The hypotheses of the research is tested in Multiple linear regression analysis. The results of this research simultaneously shows that both ROA and EPS as the financial performance proxies can be seen from the environmental, social and corporate governance disclosure with positive influence. Partially, ROA and EPS as the financial performance proxies only can be influenced by environmental and social disclosure influence.

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