Level of Consumer Confidence in Banda Aceh against Online Buying and Selling

Talbani Farlian, Ridwan Ridwan, Meutia Handayani, Raida Fuadi, Massimo Migliuolo


The purpose of writing this mini research is to find out the level of consumers in online shopping called daring, Shopping online is very popular with students and students in Banda Aceh. Not spared for traders who have the soul of business and entrepreneurs. They really want to advance or sell their product merchandise. That online business makes it easy on all sides in terms of selling or buying an item, with an online business consumers no longer bother to go shopping to traditional markets only need a gadget to order the items they want to buy on the online site. The type of data used is descriptive quantitative through primary research obtained from 50 respondents using a random sampling method using a questionnaire. Furthermore, the results are then tabulated, in-putted and interpreted in the elaboration of data through E-views10. The results showed that of 4 influencers (exogenous) variables describing that honesty and satisfaction variables played a positive and significant role in the level of consumer confidence in Banda Aceh for online buying and selling. While the partial variables of excellent service and openness have a negative and not significant role in the level of consumer confidence in Banda Aceh for online buying and selling. At the same time, in the simultaneous test all variables have a positive and significant influence on the level of consumer confidence in Banda Aceh for online trading

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